Marrakech provokes strong reactions in people. They either love it or hate it. I experienced both sides of the city when I visited. It has a reputation for being an exotic, evocative destination. Full of… View Post

A chalkboard goes up with the schedule for the next day: activities start at 6:45am. We had our last meal on the flight. I’m here for a week-long juice fast at the beautiful Wild View Retreat… View Post

Corfu’s splendid capital city is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a unique in spot in the Greek islands for its history and architecture. It was ruled over by the Venetians for four centuries,… View Post

I loved Sicily’s beguiling (but exhausting) capital city. But be warned: it’s bigger than you think and your feet will take a pounding! Make sure you pack some comfy shoes. As the meeting point between… View Post

It’s 6 pm and the sun is setting over Santorini. Crowds of sunset-worshippers are drawn out of the warren of shops and bars to congregate along the main terrace in Fira. It’s a daily ritual… View Post

“No toilet, it’s broken. Just go in the dunes.” These were the last words I wanted to hear. I’d just dismounted my camel, whose name escapes me right now, after a torturous ride from Merzouga… View Post

Historic medinas hold an enduring fascination for travellers. In this era of regulation and conformity and Google Maps, it’s a thrill to lose yourself in a setting so unfamiliar and chaotic. Whilst the popularity of Marrakech… View Post

A year at sea equals a lot of sunset photos. Whipping out the cameras out became part of the daily routine on the Phoenician Ship Expedition. At the risk of major sunset overexposure (and so… View Post

‘You do realise there’s no toilet on board, don’t you?’ I nodded in confirmation. I understood and was ok with the ‘bucket and chuck-it’ school of waste disposal at sea, at least in principle. I… View Post

If I had to name my favourite place, it would probably be Rome. As a foodie, history lover, and someone who enjoys just wandering around taking photos, Rome has it all. I’m lucky enough to… View Post

Some trips turn out perfectly, everything goes as planned. Better than planned. You discover jaw-dropping scenery and magical places off the beaten track, make local friends who introduce you to delicious authentic local dishes. Come… View Post

‘It will be a life-changing experience’, the chap in the outdoor clothing shop assured me as I stocked up on waterproof bits and bobs before my trip. I couldn’t possibly know how right he would… View Post

You won’t find a better way to explore Turkey’s Turquoise Coast than from the decks of a gulet (a traditional wooden boat). But did you know you can experience a blue cruise like this on a… View Post