12 Flowy (and Cheap) Skirts to Pack for the Ultimate Travel ‘Gram

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dreamy girl in purple flowing skirt walking through lavendar fields in Provence

Unlike the girl in the dreamy photo above, photogenic lavender in hand, I’m not one of those Instagram Travel Girls. I don’t have the patience to take exquisitely set-up selfies with remotes and timers and tripods. I’m more of a street photographer, I like to snap and go. And I’m definitely one of those people who likes to be comfortable above everything else (check my biiig posts on cute but comfortable sandals, flats and boots for proof).

But if there’s a quick hack for looking good whilst travelling then I’m all over it. And my current fave obsession is bright maxi skirts for a pop of colour. No need to hike around in it all day – keep one in your handbag for when you need to next-level your outfit. A bright colour or bold pattern plus big flouncy shape ensures maximum return for minimum effort.

Now that is my kind of packing.

And look – I’ve found the perfect flowy skirts for this. They’re all on Amazon. And they’re all cheap.

You’re welcome.


I’m obsessed with this skirt. Seriously. It’s everything. I found it thanks to a tipoff in a Facebook group, and I might have to buy it in at least five different colours (because it comes in all the colours). The blues and yellows are my faves.

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I’ve definitely had skirts like this saved to my Pinterest boards for years, so it’s a delight to find one that’s such a steal on Amazon. I’m a hardcore monochrome lover so this is perfect for me.

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Not quite as bright or flowing as some of the other skirts on this list, but I can imagine teaming this with a simple white vest and taking it with me around Greek or Italian islands.

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This Lanierwedding chiffon skirt is similar to the Melansay one but gives you a few extra colour options, like this hot coral.

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This chiffon number from Chouyatou has a bit of a dreamy ethereal feel, perfect for twirling. Colours include a flamenco-red and a few different shades of purple.

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This bright green skirt with black waistband from Urban Coco is everything. It’s super long – so bring it out for photos then roll it up and use it as a travel pillow. Or something. But perfect if you’re looking for a dramatic swoosh.

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Dreadful name (seriously, are these auto-generated?), but useful skirt. Probably the most practical skirt on this list, being jersey and somewhat slouchy, but it will still give you a pop of colour. The Mediterranean blue is (predictably) my favourite.

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If you like to match your prints to your holidays then check out these awesome A-line skirts from Vivibridal. There’s this epic Hawaiian sunset skirt, but also a New York City skyline, starry nights, green forest, and – er – a flamingo print in case you’re heading to . . .  the Bahamas?

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This satin A-line skirt beings a regal touch to proceedings. I can imagine it looking good in courtly palaces around Europe. Perhaps on a Game of Thrones tour. A Red Wedding, even? Plenty of bright colours available too.

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This super funky polka dot skirt from Choies comes in quite a thick fabric, so not uber-practical for travel unless you have loads of room in your suitcase – in which case, why not? The bonus is that the fabric ensures the skirt keeps its structured shape.

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Another structured maxi skirt here. Lots of different African prints are available, but this particular one caught my eye because it reminds me of golden Byzantine mosaics. Especially with those blue touches. Love!

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Last, but not least, the Urban Coco swooshy skirt also comes in patterned prints. The black and red polka dot versions are the standouts.

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