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Ciao, I’m Steph! Welcome to The Mediterranean Traveller, where I blog about my travels, food and adventures.

The Mediterranean Traveller

I’ve always been more about tomato Europe than potato Europe.

I’m obsessed with finding the best of this region. If you like historic old towns with cobbled streets, cheese, wine, fishing villages, citrus trees, dreamy beaches, ancient ruins, waterfalls, tomatoes, pizza, street art, souks, hikes and bikes, the smell of pine, gelato, and tiny islands, then you’re in the right place.


I’m an Ancient History graduate, ex-project manager and occasional sailor from England. The Med has never been far from my thoughts since my first holidays abroad as a kid, and every time I go somewhere else I end up wishing I was in Italy or Greece instead.

In between stints of working in publishing and tech in the UK, I was struck by the sailing bug whilst on a tall ship in the Balearics. I decided that it was the perfect time in my life to run away to sea and have a big adventure. Six months later was lucky enough to join the crew of the Phoenician Ship Expedition for a year, sailing around Africa and across the Mediterranean.

In 2016, after quitting my job in project management, I headed to Greece to drink my body weight in freddo cappuccino and redress my work-life balance.

By chance, I ended up working as an Airbnb cohost in Athens where I had a ball helping guests have an amazing trip. I decided to start this blog to record my travels and share all my top tips for this beautiful region.

Above all, I’m a chronic over-researcher so hopefully, you’ll find some tips here that save you time and effort in your own research.


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“In every life there is a secret geometry, in each city a composition of geometries. A latent labyrinth joins and separates our bodies. Only voracious love, and the desire to travel and discover, allows us to see and to feel the hidden pattern that binds us.” – Aziz Algosaibi


Drop me a line and say hi – whether you’re looking for inspiration for a summer holiday or city break, detailed planning information, or just want to follow my somewhat haphazard adventures.

The Mediterranean Traveller

The Mediterranean Traveller

The Mediterranean Traveller