Marrakech provokes strong reactions in people. They either love it or hate it. I experienced both sides of the city when I visited. It has a reputation for being an exotic, evocative destination. Full of… View Post

Marrakech, Morocco’s majestic and complex Red City, is full of fascinating and unique experiences. Its mazelike medieval medina and imperial palaces are irresistible, and it’s rising in popularity as a tourist destination. Don’t miss these… View Post

Tourists have long flocked to Morocco’s Red City for a taste of the exotic. The very name conjures up spices, snake-charmers, and sensual delights. Its food steeped is in Berber and Arabic influences and eating… View Post

Food tours are increasingly my favourite way to get to know a new place. Wandering around, taking photos, and searching out foods to try are basically my favourite things to do anyway. So what better than… View Post

“No toilet, it’s broken. Just go in the dunes.” These were the last words I wanted to hear. I’d just dismounted my camel, whose name escapes me right now, after a torturous ride from Merzouga… View Post