How to Use the Beach Bus on Skiathos

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Skiathos KTEL bus

The bus service on Skiathos is one of the best on the Greek islands! Of course, it helps that Skiathos is very small and compact, with all of the beach resorts in a handy line along the south coast (if you want to reach the remote beaches on the north coast you’ll have to hire some wheels). Here’s what you need to know about the main bus line.

There is one main bus route in Skiathos which is regularly served by the public KTEL buses – every 10-15 minutes in high season.

The main bus stop in Skiathos Town is before the new harbour and 200m from the Bourtzi. The buses are big green and white coaches (pictured above) clearly marked local bus and with the final destination (Koukounaries) in both English and Greek.  

The current bus stops are:

  1. Skiathos Town
  2. Delta
  3. Platania Karpeti
  4. Sfagia
  5. Akropolis
  6. Megali Ammos
  7. Mytikas
  8. Vassilias
  9. Vassilias (Spring)
  10. Agios Taxiarhis
  11. Achladies
  12. Sklithri
  13. Tzaneria
  14. Vromolimnos
  15. Kolios
  16. Makri Katalima
  17. Agia Paraskevi
  18. Poros
  19. Ikonistria
  20. Troulos
  21. Amoni
  22. Maratha
  23. Mandraki
  24. Strofilia
  25. Agia Eleni
  26. Koukounaries

Bus stops are generally referred to by number rather than name (although they will help you out if you don’t know it).

You might think that the first stop – Skiathos Town – would be bus stop number 1. But no, that would be too obvious. Skiathos Town is, in fact, stop number zero!

The buses are run by KTEL, a local umbrella organisation. You can only buy single tickets, there are no day or return passes available. I paid 2EUR from Skiathos Town to Koukounaries. Tickets are purchased on the bus..

Skiathos bus ticket to Koukounaries

Now, the only problem with this excellent bus service is its popularity. Although the frequency of buses does increase over the summer, it’s still not uncommon for them to be absolutely rammed – with people standing in the aisles. Those with mobility problems might want to bear this in mind. If the bus is completely full you’ll have to wait for the next one. It’s much easier to get a seat if you’re getting on at the first stop. This is particularly true around 6pm onwards when everyone is leaving the beach to head to Skiathos Town.

Most bus stops have a little dark green wooden shelter, although some just have signposts. If a shelter exists there’s usually a timetable taped up in the bus stops (pictured below).

Skiathos bus timetable taped up in shelter

Skiathos buss route map

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