10 Most Beautiful Beaches on Corsica

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Corsica is queen of Mediterranean when it comes to beautiful beaches. Her wild mountainous landscape turns the sea and deep emerald colour which emphasises the fine soft sand on the beaches

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to Corsica, here are the 10 most beautiful beaches to pencil in:


Palombaggia beach, Corsica

The number 1 most beautiful – and famous – beach on Corsica is undoubtedly Palombaggia. Towering umbrella pines look down on a beach here strewn with large reddish granite boulders and small islets. Warm and shallow lagoon-like waters lap the shore. It’s one of the most exotic sights in Europe. But expect company in the summer – sometimes it can feel as though half of Corsica has decamped here for the day.


Sperone beach, Corsica

Sperone is on the south-east tip of Corsica,. It’s a short drive from Bonifacio although the nearest car park is at Piantarella, you’ll have to cover the final distance on foot. This means Sperone is not quite as busy as it would otherwise be.

There are actually two beaches here – Grand Sperone and Petit Sperone – and these two pretty coves are surrounded by the fragrant Corsican maquis. Beyond Sperone, the Lavezzi islands cascade into the distance.


Cupabia is a spectacularly scenic beach, with colours that you might more readily expect from the Caribbean than from France. This large beach is on the west coast in the Chiavari area, where the landscape is hilly and unspoiled. The sand is pale and course-grained, which makes for excellent snorkelling. It can be a bit windier than the east coast though.


Rondinara is second most famous beach on Corsica and is notable for its idyllic semicircular shape – just like a seashell. The enclosed shape means the water is very sheltered and calm, ideal for kids and snorkelling. It’s located between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio and there’s a campsite and restaurant with parking.


Picturesque Roccapina has crystal clear waters and intriguing surrounding scenery of jagged granite rocks. The Corsicans say the rocks are shaped like a lion. It’s a lovely undeveloped area with wide sands and trees to provide shade, and is popular anchorage for passing yachts. Roccapina is about 1 hr west of Bonifacio by car.

Mare e Sole

Mare e Sole beach, Ajaccio

Mare e Sole (also known as Silver beach) is the most beautiful beach in the Ajaccio area. Corsica’s red granite boulders make an appearance here (as does the occasional cow) and lend the pale sands a slight tinge of pink. It’s popular with local families and even in the summer there’s space for everyone.


Saleccia beach

Up on the Corsica’s north coast is a micro-region called the Agriates Desert – a protected natural zone of lowland scrub with excellent hiking and several incredible beaches. The sugar soft sand and turquoise water of Saleccia is only accessible by boat, footpath or jeep. The easiest way to get here is by water taxi from the nearest resort town St-Florent. Once you’re here you can walk around to the equally lovely Lotu, it takes just over an hour.


Bodri beach

The wide sands at Bodri are located on the north coast, just outside the popular resort of L’Ile-Rousse. It’s a popular but peaceful scene, accessible via the coastal train but you must request the stop otherwise the driver will keep going. There’s also a car park. The beach next door at Ghuinchitu is also a stunner.

The sea gets deep quickly and can get very rough when it’s windy.

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia beach

The incredible beach at Santa Giulia is one of the star attractions of the east coast. The beach occupies a long spit of sand which separates the dazzling blue sea from a lagoon behind the beach. It’s close to Porto Vecchio and is deservedly busy in the summer with daytrippers who stop for a swim and a seafood lunch. There are boulders nestled amongst the pines and oleander. 

Cala Achiarina, Lavezzi

Cala Achiarina beach on Lavezzu

The Lavezzi Archipelago is a small archipelago just off the south east tip of Corsica. The islands are protected and form part of the Bonifacio Strait Marine Park. The largest island, and the only inhabited one, is luxury enclave Cavallo, but you can visit the uninhabited islands on a boat trip from Bonifacio. The excursions make a stop at the beach of Achiarina on the island of Lavezzu. The scenery here is memorable – teal waters and pale golden sands covered in large boulders

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Mare e Sole: © Thierry RYO

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Santa Giulia: © Eva Bocek

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