A Quick Guide to the Beautiful Village of Afionas, Corfu

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Afionas is one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and a popular place for tourists to visit thanks to its dramatic location on the top of a hilly coastal headland with incredible views on either side.

View of Agios Georgios beach.

Where is it?

Afionas is located on the north-west coast of Corfu, not far from the popular beach resorts Arillas to its north and Agios Georgios Pagon to its south.

How do you get there?

Road between Arillas and Afionas.

Signs with parking rates.

Many people drive to Afionas whilst exploring the island by car.

If you have a car or scooter then it’s possible to park near Afionas. The larger Afionas Parking car park is just before you reach Afionas and is a 5-minute walk uphill to the village. There are also a few spaces in the new Parking Porto Timoni car park in the village itself. It costs around €5 to park a car. 

Parking can be a bit chaotic at busy times (around lunch and sunset) when the narrow roads act as a bottleneck.

Don’t have a car? Green bus number A6 stops at Afionas on its way to Arillas – see Corfu Bus Guide for more information.

It’s also possible to walk here from Agios Georgios (30 minutes) or Arillas (40 minutes) along the road but it’s uphill all the way.

What’s it like? 

Freddo cappucino with view of Agios Georgios in the background.

Afionas is a very small old village which has a few pretty backstreets. It doesn’t take long to explore the village, although some business sprawl out along the main road.

The main attraction in Afionas is its selection of restaurants and tavernas with incredible panoramic views including:

There are also numerous cafes which don’t have a sea view. You might want to book ahead if travelling at a popular time. 

I really enjoyed The Grill down near the first car park which has a more casual menu and vegan options.

Afionas is also where you’ll find the start of the trail that leads down to the incredible double beach at Porto Timoni (pictured below). It takes about 20 minutes to hike down and is a steep trail (you’ll feel it on the way back up) with large rocks underfoot. There are no facilities down at the beach.

For more information read: How to Get to Porto Timoni

Not many people stay in Afionas itself – most stay in the neighbouring resorts and visit for lunch or dinner – so it retains a bit of old-school charm despite the crownds. But if the idea intrigues you there are rooms available at most of the restaurants as well as some lovely villas in the wider area such as Villa Afionas.

Porto Timoni.
Porto Timoni

View from The Three Brothers restaurant.

Small church in Afionas.

Signs for cafes in Afionas.

Sign for Anemos cafe. 

Old doorway in Afionas.

Red chairs in a pretty street in Afionas.

Shady street in Afionas.

Outside Anemos cafe.

Signs at the start of the trail to Porto Timoni.

Bench with a view in Afionas.

Colourful buildings in Afionas.

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