How to Get To Porto Timoni, Corfu

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Corfu is crammed with beautiful beaches but one of the most photogenic (and unusual) is the double beach of Porto Timoni.

It’s increasingly popular as a day trip from surrounding resorts. It’s a steep 20-minute hike down from the scenic hilltop village of Afionas, where you’ll find incredible views of the coastline on either side.

There’s a viewpoint for photos half way down (you’ll see the queue). Once you’re down at the sea you can reward yourself with a dip in the impeccable turquoise seas on either side, or  keep walking to the quieter beach or Agios Stylianos cave chapel further along.

Map of the trail down to Porto Timoni beach from Zeus Throne Resort, Afionas.

Where is it?

Porto Timoni is located on the north-west coast of Corfu, not far from the popular beach resorts Arillas and Agios Georgios Pagon.

Between the two resorts is a hilly headland with pretty Afionas at the top. Keep walking beyond Afionas down a hill and you eventually reach Porto Timoni.

How to get there

There are several ways to reach Porto Timoni:

How to hike from Afionas

Signs for Porto Timoni in Afionas.

Porto Timoni footpath with handwritten sign for returning by boat to Agios Georgios.

The most popular way to get to Porto Timoni is to hike down from Afionas.

Green bus number A6 stops at Afionas on its way to Arillas – see Corfu Bus Guide for more information.

If you have a car or scooter then it’s possible to park near Afionas. The larger Afionas Parking car park is just before you reach Afionas and is a 5-minute walk uphill to the village. There are also a few spaces in the new Parking Porto Timoni car park in the village itself. It costs around €5 to park a car. 

But be warned – it gets extremely busy around lunchtime and leading up to sunset.

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Signs with parking rates outside Afionas.

How to Get to Porto Timoni from Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios Pagon (NW) is the nearest beach resort and it’s a straightforward 30-minute walk up the main road to reach Afionas. From there you can get a drink before starting the descent to Porto Timoni. There are two different paths you can take but it’s well-signposted.

There is no main bus route to Afionas.

But for those who can’t or don’t want to take the hike then from Agios Georgios you also have the option of taking a small water taxi, or hiring a boat, a pedalo, or a kayak from one of the operators on the beach.

How to Get to Porto Timoni from Arillas

The most popular way to get from Arillas to Porto Timoni is to drive or take the A6 bus to Afionas and hike down.

There are no excursion boats from Arillas though, if you want to get there by sea you’ll have to rent a boat. You might find it included in some of the boat excursions from neighbouring San Stefanos though.

It’s also possible to walk from Arillas along the road (pictured below) which tends to be quiet. Expect it to take around 40 minutes.

The road from Arillas to Afionas.

Olive trees near Afionas.

How to Get to Porto Timoni from Paleokastritsa

There is no public transport to Porto Timoni from the popular resort of Paleokastritsa so you’ll need to drive to Afionas and hike down. Some of the private boat excursions in Paleokastritsa will include Porto Timoni on their itinerary.

Need to know

There are no facilities down at the beach – including toilets – so make sure you stock up on water and use the WC before you start the downhill walk. There are plenty of shops and cafes in Afionas.

There are also no bins on the beach so you’ll need to bring any trash back up the hill with you. 

The path is full of large and jagged rocks so make sure to wear sensible footwear. The hike back up will be hot and sweaty.

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