7 Things I Loved About Poros (and 1 That I Didn’t)

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With its pretty neoclassical harbour and dense pine forests, Poros is a gem of an island just 1 hour on the ferry from Athens.

It’s ideal for a short and easy beach-hopping break, particularly in the shoulder season months when there’s room to stretch out on the beach (it gets pretty busy in the summer thanks to its proximity to the capital).

When I visited in late October it was quiet but still warm, the beach bars still operating for the last few stragglers (like me).

It quickly won my heart. Here are 7 things that I loved about Poros (plus 1 thing that I didn’t):

The Views

The channel between Poros Town an the mainland.

Poros Town is built on a hill (it was once a volcano) and so you can expect spectacular views, not just over the town itself but across the channel and over to the mainland. It’s very close – only 250 metres!

My accommodation (Gigi Rooms) had fantastic views for sunset. The narrow backstreets of the old town are a joy to wander as they’re illuminated by the light of the golden hour.

Don’t miss a walk up to the clock tower for sunset over the channel.

And at night the lights of Galatas dazzle in the darkness.

The lights of Galatas at night.

One of the factors that makes Poros Town so pretty in the evening is its cascade of terracotta-tiled roofs.

The photo above is the view from the clocktower area looking back over the old town towards the old windmills and the Agios Athanassios Holy Chapel. And below is the view from my room.

Terracotta tiled roofs in Poros Town.

All That Pine

Pine trees with the sea behind.

I’m a sucker for green islands because I love the smell of pine (it brings me such a sense of serenity) and way that the sea absorbs its colour.

It also makes for particularly scenic coves. There’s nothing like that feeling of swimming in a refreshing Greek sea surrounded by glorious green landscapes.

Love Bay

Love Bay, Poros.

Sign and steps for Love Bay.

And speaking of picturesque coves, Love Bay takes the title. There’s a reason it’s such a beloved spot.

Love Bay is small but perfectly formed and completely surrounded by pines.

Shoulder season is the time to visit though. Even in late October it was still the busiest beach spot on the island.

Ambelos Wine Bar

I really like wine so Ambelos Wine Bar was easily one of my favourite things about Poros.

It has a cute location in the backstreets, interesting local wines at an affordable prices, friendly people, and outdoors tables with good lighting.

Tastings and plates of snacks are available too. I only wish I’d discovered it before my last night on Poros.

The Easy Distances

Main road in Askeli.

Poros is a great location if you can’t or don’t want to drive in Greece. You can hop off the ferry, take a short (although sometimes uphill) walk to your accommodation in Poros Town, and then walk or take the bus to all of the notable beaches on the island.

Russian Bay

Russian Bay, Poros.

Russian Bay is quite unique – right beside the beach are the remains of a Russian Naval Base.

Russian Navy boats docked here during the 18th and 19th centuries, assisting the Greeks and playing an important part in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

The sea and sand here is just as lovely as at Love Bay, and there were some delicious smells and tuneful sounds coming from the beach bar when I was there.

Anasa Beach Bar

Anasa Beach Bar

The beach bar at Anasa Beach/Megalo Neorio became my favourite daily hangout. The sea here was green and clean, the location was scenic, the staff friendly, the music interesting, and the vibe very chilled. The perfect place to soak up the last of the summer sun.

And 1 Thing That I Didn’t Love…

The Animal Poop

I’m not sure if this is just the unfortunate side effect of having lots of trees (more trees = more birds?), but the amount of animal poop seemed more prominent than on most other islands I’ve visited. Lots of bird poop but also cat poop too, from the strays. I’ve spared you the photos. 

Should you wish to help, Poros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) looks after the stray animals.

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