Lindos – Is This The Prettiest Village in Greece?

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view of Lindos village and acropolis from the main road

I recently returned again to the lovely Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes.

As far as Greek villages go it’s very commercial – and very busy thanks to all the daytrippers and cruise shippers. Even out of season I’m always surprised at the daytime crowds.

But even with the crowds and the soaring July temperatures, it’s still absurdly gorgeous.

In fact, might it be the prettiest village in all of Greece?

Undoubtedly there are many charming whitewashed villages in Greece, and particularly so in the Cycladic islands. But Lindos has a combination that most others lack: sandy beaches, stunning turquoise waters, and an ancient acropolis topped with temple ruins. 

(it also has some great shopping for such a little place)

Here are some of my favourite photos of this beautiful place (just imagine it before all the tourists! what paradise).

main beach at Lindos from the hill

steps with big ceramic pots in Lindos

Lindos bay through the trees

boats moored in Lindos

beach at Lindos Yacht Club

Lindos bay through straw parasols

Lindos main beach through the trees

Lindos Yacht Club beach with acropolis behind

exterior fortifications of Lindos acropolis


Confession time – I’ve been to Lindos many times but I’ve still never made it up to the top of the acropolis to look around the ruins. Maybe it’s always a Monday when I visit (many archaeological sites in Greece close on a Monday).

It’s a sweaty and steep 10-minute walk uphill, but the views are something to behold (or so I’ve heard) and its one of the most impressive ancient sites outside Athens – in terms of location, at least.

In antiquity, Lindos was one of the most important towns on Rhodes and the wider area thanks to its ideal natural harbour. Today on the hilltop you can see the remains of the medieval fortified citadel (which dates to the Knights Hospitaller) and within it the temple to Athena Lindia which dates back to the 6th century BC.

There are also the remains of an ancient theatre, tombs, and sacrificial area.

Check the opening days/times for the Lindos archaeological site.

parasols and bean bags on Lindos beach

St. Paul's Bay beach

sunloungers on Lindos beach


One of the reasons I love Lindos is its beaches. I’m a sucker for a sandy beach, particularly if it has a scenic setting. And Lindos delivers this in spades.

There are two main beaches in Lindos village – the main beach, and a smaller one near the yacht club. Both have impeccable sand and electric blue waters.

But if you take a walk through the village and out the other side you’ll come to St. Paul’s Bay, a really picturesque bay in the shadow of the acropolis (and near the car park). There are two great beach cafes here, one near the rocks and the other on the beach nearer to the photogenic little St. Paul’s Chapel. 

It’s worth knowing that public access to beaches in Greece is protected by law. So whilst the sunloungers, parasols and beers might cost a pretty euro, you are always entitled to lay your towel on the sand at no cost.

St. Paul's Chapel, Lindos

stairway in Lindos village


Most people (including me) visit Lindos on a day trip. 

There are regular buses between Rhodes Town and Lindos. The bus takes just over an hour and stops at the beach resorts along the way. See the KTEL website for timetables, the most recent versions will be taped up around town and at bus stops.

I paid €5.50 for a one-way bus ticket. Lindos also serves as a hub for buses going on to the resorts in the south.

It’s worth noting that Lindos town itself is pedestrianised. The bus stop is on the main road and it’s a 5-minute walk downhill from here to the main village. If you require car access direct to the door of your accommodation then this is definitely something to double-check is possible before booking.

To take a taxi from the airport costs upwards of €60.

Rhodes has an international airport and you can often find cheap fares from Athens or further afield. I recommend checking Skyscanner for cheap flights. I once flew from London to Rhodes for £17!

The best time to visit is in shoulder season – that’s April, May, September and October – when the weather should still be pleasant and sunny but without the crowds of high summer. Rhodes has one of the longest seasons in the Mediterranean, and Lindos is a great option for a break in early April or late October when other beach resorts might be closed.

bougainvillaea in Lindos village

cat in Lindos, Rhodes

flower-filled cafe in Lindos, Rhodes

beautiful entranceway in Lindos old town

small van in narrow Lindos street


Before you look at accommodation in Lindos, realise that it is small. Really small. You can walk from one end to the other in 10-15 minutes.

Strict preservation controls have thankfully prevented hotels sprouting up everywhere. Its enduring popularity means that accommodation tends to be at the higher end of the price range.


Most of the hotels are situated outside the village itself, some in surrounding bays (despite their names – do check carefully if a central location is important to you). Melenos Lindos and F Charm Hotel are both located in the old whitewashed part of the village.


For self-catered accommodation, check out SeaSide Villas and TheaSuites which both have chic rooms close to the main beach.


Look in the Krana area (behind the main road) for budget rooms such as those at Maris Studios.

whitewashed Lindos village

catamaran anchored in Lindos bay, oleander in foreground

main beach at Lindos

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