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So you’ve bought a ticket, packed your bags, hopped on a plane, arrived at your accommodation. Now you’re ready to hit the beach. Optimal sunbathing spot is selected, towel is down. That water looks mighty… View Post

It’s the eternal dilemma when packing for an upcoming trip: should I pack my comfortable sandals or the ones that look good? Is it possible to find sandals that are cute and comfortable? Especially if you’re… View Post

Are you looking for a relaxing beach holiday in the Mediterranean? Want to avoid overdeveloped overcrowded noisy resorts in favour of somewhere small, picturesque and charming – but still easily accessible by air? Think sunset… View Post

Airbnb has become part of the travel mainstream over the past decade, bringing quirky and chic apartments and homeshares to the masses. For many of us, it forms a key part of our travel planning process.… View Post

Are you thinking of using Airbnb for the first time? Curious but wondering what the whole thing is about? Want to try it but you’re put off by horror stories that you’ve read online? Worried about… View Post

A year at sea equals a lot of sunset photos. Whipping out the cameras out became part of the daily routine on the Phoenician Ship Expedition. At the risk of major sunset overexposure (and so… View Post

‘You do realise there’s no toilet on board, don’t you?’ I nodded in confirmation. I understood and was ok with the ‘bucket and chuck-it’ school of waste disposal at sea, at least in principle. I… View Post